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PPE Removal: How To Remove it all Safely

When wearing protective gear, such as goggles, face shields, gloves, aprons, and other items, it is very important to remove them carefully. Working i...

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Thinking of changing cleaning companies?: 4 things to ask yourself.

How to know that a change will be a change for the better: As the old saying goes, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” In other word...

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Disinfectants: Are They Too Good?

It’s a common belief that to have a clean and healthy facility, every surface must be disinfected. In fact, one cleaning company has advertised they w...

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We are now officially B&T Building Services

For some time now we have been working behind the scenes to get our name changed. Although we are technically contractors, we are far from the kind mo...

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5 Year Anniversary with BSCAI

This year we reached our 5-year milestone with the BSCAI! Since joining the organization 5 years ago we have been able to learn and grow as a business...

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What to Know About Add-On Services

Be Careful when Using Add-On Services Don’t let extra add-on services distract you from your company’s primary role For years, building service contra...

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COVID-19: Our Commitment to our Customers and Employees

*Updated 6/16/2020 Dear Customer/Employee, Our highest priority is your safety. As your service provider or employer, it is our commitment to educate ...

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Cold Weather Carpet Care

How to maintain cleanliness during the messiest months When seasons change and the wet and cold weather comes your way, it’s time to alter your carpet...

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